Interview Sailor67 – EN – Pitchfork Operation

15 mai 2018
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15 mai 2018 Gnigniouf

Interview Sailor67 – EN – Pitchfork Operation

Si vous lisez cet article, la version française de l’interview est dans le numéro du CitizenTVMAG de Mai 2018. Lien


We had the chance to Interview the founder of the Operation Pitchfork.

You can find the English version bellow and the French version is in the CitizenTVMAG of May 2018.


Welcome, Sailor67, how are you? the CitizenTV would like to thank you to be here
with us. We will start right away.

Q : Who are you and what did/do you do on SC?

A : I am sailor67, and I fly a lot oh yes and I founded Operation Pitchfork

Q : When did you discover SC and Pledge?

A : I am a golden ticket holder meaning I created an account before the Kickstarter
Campaign started. The web site crashed the day they started so I actually didn’t
pledge till later (September 15 2012 Citizen # 21822).

Q : Have you played any other Chris Roberts Game before?

A : Yes, Wing Commander(s), Privateer(s) and Freelancer is still on my PC

Q : Why SC? What did/do you like?

A : Chris Roberts game? Sold. I love space flying games

Q : Can you explain us what is OPPF?

A : Operation Pitchfork is a backer driven event celebrating SC going live with a
massive backer invasion of Vanduul space over the last weekend of the Beta. Goals
are to have fun, change the lore, get every backer to participate, and freak CIG out
with what we can do. In game we want to return Orion to Human control and Kick
the “Duul” out of Tiber and maybe two other systems given the JP lines. We
welcome every backer & org pirate to lawful. It is about being a backer not game
CIG is aware of us and have created game mechanics because of us. We are so
community focused they created an in-game Pitchfork Skin you can get in the RSI
store (Pictured below). It only works on the Aurora so far but that will expand to any
ship in time. Also, some of the DEV’s will be playing as Vanduul during the mission.
Ben L calls it Operation Haybale

Q : What is your relation with the OPPF?

A : I am founder and coordinator. Understand that Operation Pitchfork is an alliance of
more than 1400 organizations and we have significant representation in pretty much
every major org.
The other thing to understand is I am not any sort of “High Admiral”. OPPF’s staff job
is coordination and mission giving not giving orders. OPPF was designed around
our member orgs. So the idea is we use a mission board to communicate what we
would like to see done. It is up to our member orgs and pilots to pick what they
would like to do and figure out how they want to do it. Note that is optional if any org
or pilot wants to just fly to the sound of laser fire that is ok too. We really don’t make
demands, how each player defines fun is up to them.
OPPF is the org we are using to coordinate the mission, joining has never been
required. Mostly our member orgs leadership joins the org. Initially I was against
standing up an org at all (I did not want to look like were competing with our member
orgs for pilots), until CR explained all the benefits including the shared maps and org
mission board, those tactical advantages were too good to pass up.

Q : What are you waiting from SC this year and in the future?

A : This year, I am looking forward to Arc Corp and Hurston as well as the professions. I
am more PVP focused and so I am looking for the combat to get back to what we
had in 2.6 (IFCS and ESP are still not right). I love to dogfight but I don’t gank, so if
you or any of your listeners see me in game and want a 1v1 (or Xv1 I am not averse
to bad odds…Go figure) please feel free to ask for a match. Note I am generally not
alone so if you just open up there may be several folks shooting at you So better
to ask first

Q : Are you in a corporation?

A : OPPF plus several others, but Pitchfork is my focus

Q : Do you have other passion except SC?

A : Family, Work, gaming takes a distant 3 rd to those things

Q : How are your family or friends looking at you about SC?

A : Three of my friends at work are backers. My wife has her own marketing company
teaches college classes on social media etc. She finds the whole Pitchfork thing
fascinating. Our original forum thread had more than 41000 posts and 600,000+
views. We have a Google page that members post the ships they are bringing and it
has more 11000 ships.

Q : Do you play other games?

A : Yes my wife is a gamer and we have two TV’s and two Xbox ones in the living room.
We have been playing PUBG and FarCry5 Coop (We used to play Spit screen but
Two TV’s works much better )

Q : Did you already exchange with the French Community?

A : Some, one the OPPF staff is French and he moderates the French areas. I have
been listening to some French R&B (Shy’m, Tal), I don’t understand a word, but it
sounds great.

Q : Any last word?

A : There is one other quest we are going to do before Pitchfork Kicks off. We want a
King Ship as our flag ship. A group of us more suicidal pilots are going to figure out
how to do that first starting small (Void Bomber maybe) and work our way up. It may
not be possible but it should be fun finding out……

I hope all of you join and I will see you in the Verse!


For more information about the English part of the organization :